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The 2015 Spring Musical is "The Sound of Music"

SCHS Sculpture students displayed their work at Springfield's Tower Square recently!


Central's Concert Band performs in Canada! View the pictures below!
The Group
Stage Performance

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The Winter Percussion Finals Run...


English 10 Explores Shakespeare's Macbeth!

"Macbeth's Song & Dance"

Students in English 10 read Shakespeare's Macbeth. Then, in honor of the school's Arts component of the Magnet theme, they communicated the play through music, visual art, or performance. 

One option was to write original lyrics (using a popular music score, if desired) that depict the play's plot arc or character development.  In addition to writing the lyrics, students who chose this option had to perform the songs as well as write and submit two-page essays explaining the lyrics.  The five videos here are live performances of the songs composed.

A second option was to choreograph and perform an interpretive dance of one character's development over the course of the play.  In addition to designing and performing the dance, students who chose this option had to write and submit two-page essays explaining the music selection chosen as well as what each dance move communicates.  Dances had to be taped ahead of time due to space constraints.  One student chose this option, and the video of her performance is shown below.



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