SCHS Student Handbook

School Uniform Policy

Springfield Central High School will adhere to the district school uniform policy. Pants, skirts, or shorts must be tan and or black in color. Shirts must be a collared black polo or buttoned dress shirt with long or short sleeves. No scarves or jackets are allowed during school hours. Skirts and shorts must be knee length. Pants and shirts must fit appropriately. Shirts must be tucked into the pants, and pants must be worn with a belt at the waist. NO studded belts or large belt buckles are permitted. Absolutely NO baggies, cargo pants, jeans (khaki or black jeans are not allowed), skinny jeans, leggings, sweat suit pants, yoga pants, stretch or tight pants, jeggings, or pajamas are allowed. Logos, insignias, pictures, or messages cannot be worn on the shirts and

pants. ALL undershirts must be black or white. Central High School is exempt from all "gray" school uniform attire, and therefore this color is not permissible. No flip-flops, sandals, slippers or open-toed shoes of any kind will be allowed. Additionally, baseball hats, flip flops, and sandals will be confiscated and given only to a parent/guardian. Central High School is NOT responsible for any and all confiscated items. It is the student's responsibility to adhere to the uniform policy. Failure to adhere to the uniform policy will result in disciplinary action.

No oversized clothing will be allowed.

No colored wrist bands, neck beads, bead bands or doo rags are allowed. The principal has the right to stop any mode of fashion that indicates a pattern, for example, groups wearing identical earrings, chains, bracelets, or other accessories that may be indicative of gang affiliation. Pants that are worn below the waist and that show undergarments (underwear, shorts, etc.) Will be considered indecent exposure and will result in disciplinary action. (suspension, internal/external)

No coats, jackets, hooded sweatshirts, caps, or hats are to be worn during school hours.

Uniform Expectations

Must be solid black, must have a collar, no logos on the shirts. Undershirts must be either solid white or black.
Must be solid khaki or black, no jeans, no cargo pants. Must be worn above the waist.
Must be solid khaki or black. Must have a length of two inches above the knee. Pants underneath the skirt must be solid khaki or black.
Must be solid khaki or black. Must have a lenght of two inches above the knee.
Absolutely No
Jackets or Coats, Zip up fleece or light jackets, Phones, Electronic devices, Head phones, Winter hats, Scarves, Stretch pants or leggings, Jeggings (leggings made out of jean material), Spandex tights.
No Central gear should be worn on top except for Central Day, an athletic event, or a club activity.
Baseball hats are not allowed in the Central building.

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