SCHS Student Handbook

Report Cards

Report Cards will be issued on the following dates:
1st Marking Period November 15, 2013
2nd Marking Period February 7, 2014
3rd Marking Period April 17, 2014
4th Marking Period Mailed Home After School Ends

Progress Reports

Progress Reports will be issued on the following dates:
1st Marking Period September 27, 2013
2nd Marking Period December 6, 2014
3rd Marking Period February 18, 2014
4th Marking Period May 9, 2014

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The following method is used to compute student Grade Point Averages (GPA) from the Quality Point Average (QPA).

  1. All grades used must be earned at Springfield Central High School.
  2. When a student transfers to another class during a marking period, the grade will be determined by a combination of the grade of both classes if the courses are in the same discipline. If they are not in the same discipline, they will receive proportional credit for the amount of time spent in the new course, i.e.: ¼ , ½ , ¾ credit. The grade will be determined by the new course teacher.
  3. Summer School grades ARE NOT used when computing QPA and GPA.
  4. All courses on the report card are used in computing QPA or GPA.

Note: The number of QUALITY POINTS given for the 13 letter grades for each level is found on the back of the report card. (A+ to F)

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