SCHS Student Handbook

Open House

Open House is scheduled for October (TBA) as part of the observance of American Education Week. Watch for notices inviting parents to Springfield Central High School for Open House.

Change of Address

Any student whose address or telephone number is changed at any time during the school year must notify Parent Information Center (PIC) immediately. Accurate address and telephone information is vital for Springfield Central High School staff to contact homes.

Distribution of Lists of Parents' Names and Addresses

Springfield Central High School will adhere to all of the rules and regulations as regards to student records - 603 CMR 23.00 of the Massachusetts Department of Education.

Specifically, there shall be no distribution of parents' names and addresses unless written approval is obtained from the Superintendent of Schools upon each occasion that this need might arise.
Additionally, there shall be no distribution of student names and addresses or other personal information to any sources (including the military) unless permission for release is obtained from individual students/parents.

Parent, Teacher, Student Association

Springfield Central High School P.T.S.A. welcomes you and your student. Join us with your support and participation. Your involvement is needed and encouraged to help make Springfield Central High School a better school for all our students. (Please see the forms section at the back of this booklet).

Scheduled P.T.S.A. Meetings For 2012 - 2013 - Dates will be announced when available.

Parent Conferences

A form is used for parental conferences. These conferences are normally held on Tuesdays following the issuance of report cards. The exact date will be printed on the report card. Please have your student fill out the Parental/Teacher conference request form and bring it with you to the afternoon conference.

School-Centered Decision Making Team (SDCM)

The Springfield Central High School Centered Decision Making Team meets on a regular basis in Room 127B. Meetings are, generally, on Tuesday at 3:45 p.m.. The meetings are open for observation, and people wishing to make a presentation to the team may sign up to do so. Parents, community members, and business people are all welcome.

The purpose of the SCDM team is to support and promote the best possible education to all the students of Springfield Central High School. This is accomplished through active participation by the faculty and staff to ensure that the operations of the school and the implementation of curricula follow the guidelines of the contract between the School Department and the Springfield Education Association.

All issues pertaining to Springfield Central High School can be dealt with by the team. The members of the team include the principal, counselors, teachers, parents, business people, Central Office administration, students, and community members. Any parent interested in participating on the Springfield Central Team, may volunteer through the Parent-Teacher-Student-Association (PTSA).

For further information about school centered decision making, you may contact the principal.

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