SCHS Student Handbook


August 30, 2013 - Deadline for all lunch applications to be returned to determine student's lunch status

These Lunchroom Procedures Must Be Followed

  1. Students are not to run at any time.
  2. Students are not to cut into line at any time.
  3. Students are to make only ONE cash-transaction on any single trip through the line.
  4. Students should remove all lunch papers and scraps from the table or floor and place them in the containers provided for that purpose. In case of doubt as to the ownership of trays, papers or debris not taken care of, the last student or students at the table must assume responsibility. Keep the lunchroom clean for those who come in after you. No food or drink is allowed outside the cafeteria at any time.
  5. Students must not stand on chairs, or sit or stand on tables.
  6. Fooling around or shouting is not permitted.
  7. Any student who is not in the cafeteria during the designated lunch periods must have a pass to go elsewhere. There will be no loitering in hallways, especially the theater and main wing areas. Disciplinary actions will be taken for those without legitimate passes.
  8. Students who choose to not follow the above mentioned lunch room procedures will be
    subject to disciplinary actions and may result in loss of lunch room privileges.

1st Lunch - 10:50 am

2nd Lunch - 11:21 am

3rd Lunch - 11:52 am

Students must not leave the school building. Food and beverages are to be consumed in the lunchroom only. Deliveries of food items by parents, guardians, and friends into school are not permitted. All items will be confiscated.

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