SCHS Student Handbook

School Based Health Center

The Health Center is staffed by school department school nurses. The health center promotes health and wellness education, and encourages students to stay in school.

The school nurse maintains health records for all students. They dispense medication, implement health screening, monitor and administer immunizations, and treat medical emergencies.

The Health Center provides, but not limited to, the following services:

The school nurses and the nurse practitioner work cooperatively for the health, well-being and safety of students. Parents and guardians are encouraged to communicate with the health care providers.


Students who take medications during school hours are required to have medication consent forms on file with the school nurse. All medication must be left with the school nurse.


Smoke Free Schools - The Springfield Public School System has a non-smoking policy. Effective February 1, 1993 article 5B-11 of the Unit A contract stipulated that all schools shall be smoke free. As a result, there are no smoking areas in or outside of the building.

Smoking Policy -Students will not smoke or use tobacco products at school, on a school bus, at any school-related activity on school grounds during normal school hours or at offsite school-sponsored activities. Possession of any tobacco product is a violation of school policy, as well as, Massachusetts General Laws. All tobacco products will be confiscated and will not be returned.

Asbestos Material

Springfield Central High School was surveyed by Alderman & McNeish, Architects and Engineers, 594 Riverdale Rd. West Springfield, MA. 01089 and was found to contain no friable asbestos materials. No serious exposure-hazards are predicated for the occupants of Springfield Central High School. Any future information needed is available at the school office and at the Central Office of the School Department, 1550 Main Street, Springfield, MA. (Telephone: 787-7100).

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