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Guidance counseling is a service available to all students at Springfield Central High School. Students should feel able to speak to their counselors about any matter which concerns them and should seek answers to questions which they have concerning their school work and future careers. In interviews with individual students, counselors interpret and clarify standard test results and other data, and help students make decisions concerning educational, personal, and vocational problems.

To supplement individual conferences during the year, counselors arrange group meetings with representatives from colleges across the country. As college entrance is increasingly important, it is advisable for students to take advantage of our guidance facilities and, early in their high school career, to consult with counselors about future education plans. Students are encouraged to take the initiative to seek assistance since this is expected of maturing young adults, who know best when they have problems for which they need help. Course planning should be done with a three or four-year perspective, not on a yearly basis.

Guidance Counselors

Springfield Central High School has a fine staff of guidance counselors available to assist students through their high school years. A list of counselor-student assignments is posted on the bulletin board located outside the guidance office. Should parents have a question regarding a student's progress at Central we encourage you to call the high school (787-7453), where the secretary will put you in touch with your child's guidance counselor.

A - Bi Ms. Bazos
Bl - Di Ms. Palmer
Do - I Ms. Brown
J - Mc Mr. McCarthy
Me - Q Ms. Gall
R - Sk Ms. Stebbins
Sl - Z Mr. Szymczyk

Appointments with Guidance Counselors

The student can obtain a request to see your Counselor slip from the Guidance Office. The slip must be completed and returned to the Guidance Department. Shortly afterward, the student will receive a pass stating the time of the appointment. If there is an emergency, students should seek out their counselor, teacher, or an administrator. The counselors are also in their offices during lunch periods in order to be more accessible to students. Students must obtain a pass in the morning in order to see them.

Students have the sole responsibility of signing in and out on the Guidance Office log sheets in each counselors’ office. It is important to sign these log sheets to avoid a class cut. Students are warned not to abuse counseling or mediation services because they will miss important classroom instruction. Parents are encouraged to contact the student's counselor at (787-7453) for teacher reports and to arrange for conferences when the need arises.

Click here to download our Guidance Counselor contact information.

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