SCHS Student Handbook


Procedure -Tests in major subjects are given during each marking period. Since students need to become accustomed to studying for tests such as those types which will be given in college, mid-year examinations are scheduled in January. Subject-specific final examinations will be given in June. Final examinations are scheduled once the School Committee has established the official school closing date. Final examinations are compulsory and families should not make vacation plans which necessitate students leaving school prior to the end of the school year. Students will not be excused from this very important responsibility which could result in failure. Make-up final examinations will only be allowed for the following reasons:

  1. Documented doctor's note
  2. Documented bereavement, and/or
  3. Documented court appearances.

Parents will receive information regarding finals from the school through their children.

* Final Exams will not be given early

Other Examinations Offered

SAT (Critical Reading, Writing, and Math), SAT Subject Tests, Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT), Advanced Placement (AP) Exams, American College Testing (ACT) Tests, and Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) Test. For MCAS Testing Schedule, see p. 45.

2013 – 2014 Advanced Placement (AP) Exam Schedule
Students who plan on participating in AP Courses and AP Examinations must see their Guidance Counselor for the names of the AP Coordinators and the AP Timeline for testing.

2013 – 2014 SAT and SAT Subject Tests – U.S. Registration Deadlines

Test Date Test Regular Late (Fees Apply)
October 5, 2013 SAT/SAT Subject September 6, 2013 September 20, 2013
November 2, 2013 SAT/SAT Subject October 3, 2013 October 18, 2013
December 7, 2013 SAT/SAT Subject November 8, 2013 November 22, 2013
January 25, 2014 SAT/SAT Subject December 27, 2013 January 10, 2014
March 8, 2014 SAT/SAT Only February 7, 2014 February 21, 2014
May 3, 2014 SAT/SAT Subject April 4, 2014 April 18, 2014
June 7, 2014 SAT/SAT Subject May 9, 2014 May 23, 2014

*SAT Question-and-Answer Service (QAS) is available. See your guidance counselor.
**U.S. deadlines apply to students testing in the United States, U.S, territories, and Puerto Rico.
***Sunday dates are scheduled following each Saturday test date for students who cannot test on Saturday because of Religious observance.

2012 – 2013 ACT Test Dates– U.S., U.S. Territories, and Puerto Rico Deadlines

Test Date Test Regular Late (Fees Apply)
September 21, 2013 ACT August 23, 2013 August 24 - September 6, 2013
October 26, 2013 ACT September 27, 2013 September 28 - October 11, 2013
December 14, 2013 ACT November 8, 2013 November 9 - November 22, 2013
February 8, 2014 ACT January 10, 2014 January 11 - January 24, 2014

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