SCHS Student Handbook

School Discipline Code

It is to be generally understood that violations of the School Discipline Code are enforced whether the infraction occurs in school, on school grounds during the school day, or at an officially sponsored event of the school. A student is governed by the rules and regulations of the school any time the school is involved.

It is further understood that all sub-groupings of the Springfield Central High School (administration, faculty, clerical staff, custodial staff and students) will abide by the established School Code. All parties agree that all should be respectful of one another's rights and set a proper example for the other.

There are times when rowdiness and inappropriate conduct occur. Although these instances are difficult to describe, the violators will be written up, the incident will be described in as much detail as necessary, and appropriate action will be taken by an administrator.

Revisions to the City-Wide Discipline Code have been made by the Springfield School Committee. These revisions will reflect new federal mandates (i.e.; Individuals with Disabilities Education Act [IDEA]). Please refer to the City-Wide Handbook for the new Discipline Code. (The information below or school infractions may or may not change.) Springfield Central High School will follow the Discipline Code for the Springfield Public School System.


At Springfield Central High School, office detention takes precedence over all activities except at a teacher's request. It is given by the principal, assistant principals, or teachers. In case of serious conflicts, students should see the assistant principal to determine which obligations to meet. Students must come to detention punctually with their ID, books, and coat. They should be prepared to study starting at 2:25 P.M. until 2:55 P.M. At this time, they must leave school immediately, using only the flagpole entrance. All detention assigned must be completed during the next grade specific detention date (see below). In order for a student to get credit for detention, the student must arrive on time, complete the SCHS Behavior Improvement Form to the satisfaction of the assistant principal or teacher on duty, and obey all the rules for detention for the entire period.

Thursday Night Extended Detention (TNED)

TNED will run every Thursday (unless otherwise noted) from 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM Central High School. In order to receive credit, students who are assigned TNED must be punctual, wear the school uniform, and have the school ID. Additionally, students must complete the Behavior Improvement Form to the satisfaction of the staff member in charge. Students who fail to show up to an assigned TNED or to adhere to TNED rules will be issued a 3 - 5 day internal/external suspension. The length of this suspension will be determined by the assistant principal. Transportation to and from TNED is the sole responsibility of the student.

Protocol for Detention and TNED

Some violations of the Central High School Discipline Code may be subject to the following disciplinary actions:

  1. A teacher will assign a detention to the student as the first disciplinary action for any classroom infraction that warrants a detention.
    1. All severe classroom and hallway infractions will be immediately subject to either office detentions see Item 2 or Thursday School see Item 3 below.This determination will be at the discretion of the principals.
    2. Students who are present in school but absent from class without permission (as determined by teachers and/or principals) must attend Thursday School see Item 3 below.
  2. If a student does not report to an assigned teacher's detention, the teacher will assign the student to the next available office detention for that student.The teacher will notify the student of the Office Detention.Office detentions will be held after school in a designated room from 2:25 to 2:55 P.M. according to grade on the following days:
    Grade 9 & 12 - Wednesday
    Grade 10 & 11 - Thursday
  3. If a student does not report to an assigned office detention, the student must attend the next available Thursday School from 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM, in uniform and with school ID. Thursday School will be supervised by an Assistant Principal.
  4. Failure to attend Thursday School will result in a 3-5 days internal/external suspension, with the number of assigned days increasing per number of infractions (progressive discipline).

In order for a student to earn credit for office detention, Thursday School, and/or suspension, the student must:

  1. Complete the Behavior Improvement Form to the satisfaction of the assistant principal and the offended teacher(s)
  2. Maintain complete silence
  3. Obey all general classroom rules, including: no sleeping, no eating or drinking, no use of electronic devices
  4. Not leave the detention room unless it is an absolute emergency, and only with the permission of the staff member in charge.

Staff member will verbally inform the student of the detention. Each day, the assistant principal on duty for detention will collect the appropriate detention information before heading into the detention room to take attendance.
Two teachers are assigned to detention duty. The two teachers will monitor the detention room along with the assistant principal on duty.

The assistant principal on duty will announce roll call attendance in the detention room and confirm the identification of each student. Students not present will be assigned to the next available Thursday School.

Teachers on detention duty will distribute the Behavior Improvement Form to each student present. In order for a student to receive credit for the detention, the form must be completed on both sides and submitted by the conclusion of the detention period. Any student who fails to complete the Behavior Improvement Form will NOT receive credit for the detention.

If a student receives a NO CREDIT for a detention, he/she will face the progressive discipline protocol that is in keeping with the Springfield Central High School code of conduct.

School Infractions that May Result in Detention/Thursday School

Subject to Adminstrator's Discretion

  1. Failure to report to a teacher’s detention.
  2. Refusal to deposit or pick up litter when requested (dependent on occurrence).
  3. Failure to put cafeteria trays on tables provided.
  4. Pass abuse.
  5. Failure to report for a teacher's detention
  6. Cutting class, first and second offenses

Progressive Discipline will be administered; excludes students who leave the MAIN Building

School Infractions that May Result in Suspension

External (Possibly Long Term) and/or Internal and/or Notification of Police - Subject to Administrator's Discretion

  1. Violation of Uniform Policy.
  2. Profanity directed toward a Faculty/Staff Member.
  3. Fighting.
  4. Assault and/or battery on a Faculty/Staff Member.
  5. Possession and/or use of an incendiary or explosive device.
  6. Extortion.
  7. Destruction of school and/or personal property at school or at school-sponsored
    activities. Restitution may be required.
  8. Theft.
  9. Possession and/or use of drugs or alcohol at school or at school sponsored activities.
  10. Use of graffiti on outside or inside of the school building.
  11. Overt defiance toward a Faculty/Staff Member.
  12. Harassment and/or Bullying of a student.
  13. Wandering the building without a pass when not officially signed into school.
  14. Truancy (Skipping class during lunch period)
  15. Forgery.
  16. Trespassing (At Central or other schools).
  17. Failure to report to assigned office detention after receiving notification.
  18. Failure to identify or falsely identifying oneself to a Faculty/Staff Member.
  19. Sexual harassment.
  20. Smoking on school grounds.
  21. Cheating on school work.
  22. Plagiarism of any kind.
  23. Instigating any negative situation involving Central students.
  24. Leaving school grounds

The above infractions and the resulting disciplinary actions are general guidelines. Special circumstances occasionally necessitate the altering of these rules. The Principal and Assistant Principals will make the final determination on these exceptions. Additionally, Central High School is not responsible for confiscated items, nor will investigate stolen items, or any missing items. Students are advised to lock personal and school issued items at all times when not in use.

Additions to Discipline Code

  1. Gang-related activities such as recruitment, wearing of gang-related colors, etc., or other gang-
    related activities are prohibited on school grounds or activities sponsored by schools and constitute grounds for suspension or expulsion.
  2. Students' bracelets, necklaces, scarves and metal belts are strictly prohibited and will be confiscated. Chains of any kind are prohibited and will be confiscated. The school is NOT responsible for confiscated items.
  3. All electronic devices which include but are not limited to cell phones, electronic games, IPods and earphones are prohibited on school grounds. The bringing of such devices to school, depending on the circumstances, constitutes sufficient grounds for confiscation, detention, parental conference, and for repeated offenses, suspension. For special events such as field trips, the principal may suspend the rules. The school is NOT responsible for confiscated items, nor it will investigate stolen, missing, or improperly secured items.
  4. Conduct that is indecent, lewd, insulting, or demeaning is prohibited on school grounds as is the use of obscene and/or profane language and gestures. Any violation of this rule constitutes grounds for suspension.
  5. Students can expect the ongoing use of locker searches, backpack searches, and personal searches that involve metal detectors to ensure the safety of staff and students. During these searches, students are expected to cooperate with School and Law Enforcement Officials. Failure to do so could result in disciplinary action by the school and/or legal action by police.
  6. Individuals (adults or minors) who are trespassing on school property can expect to be arrested. This includes students who are not enrolled in the school where they are trespassing, but do attend other schools. Students on external suspension may not attend school functions and will be subject to arrest and considered trespassing if found on school grounds or at school functions.
  7. Students are to identify themselves to any school personnel (teacher, administrator, police/security person, health center workers, paraprofessional, cafeteria workers, and custodial staff) upon request. Failure to do so is grounds for suspension.
  8. Students who assault a bus driver or a bus monitor will be suspended for a minimum of thirty (30) days and sent to the Assessment Center. Furthermore, they will lose the privilege of bus transportation for the remainder of the year. Students who are involved in a fight on a school bus will be suspended for thirty (30) days and will be sent to the Assessment Center. Due process will be followed in both of the above instances. The principal has the authority to suspend.

If interpretation of the above rules is necessary, the determination of the principal, using reasonable person standards, governs the interpretations.

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