SCHS Student Handbook

School Bell Schedule

7:20 am Enter Academic Wing
7:31 am Warning Bell for Homeroom
7:35 am Admit Bell (Students Check into Homeroom)
7:45 am Warning Bell (End Homeroom Check In)
7:49 am Start First Period
8:46 am End First Period
8:50 am Start Second Period
9:46 am End Second Period
9:50 am Start Third Period
10:46 am End Third Period
10:50 am Start First Lunch/Fourth Period
11:17 am End First Lunch
11:21 am Start Second Lunch
11:48 am End Second Lunch
11:52 am Start Third Lunch
12:19 pm End Third Lunch/Fourth Period
12:23 pm Start Period Five
1:20 pm End Period Five
1:24 pm Start Period Six
2:20 pm End Period Six
2:25 pm Office Detention Starts
2:55 pm Office Detention Ends

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