SCHS Student Handbook

Behavioral Expectations

The fundamental concept of Springfield Central High School is based on ACADEMIC, CIVIC, and SOCIAL EXPECTATION. Achievement in studies, participation in school activities and community concerns, conduct to and from school and in all public places determines whether or not the student is a worthy representative of Springfield Central High School. The quality of school citizenship determines the quality of our school. Every student should be proud to be a member in good standing of Springfield Central High School.

Unfortunately, for a few, failure to cooperate and to follow acceptable standards of behavior may result in detention or parental conferences or assignment to in-house suspension or regular suspension.

  1. Students will enter the building through the flagpole entrance.
  2. Students are to attend all classes, unless officially excused.
  3. Students are to sign into school in homeroom or in the office upon arrival. Late arrivals must use the main entrance.
  4. Students will consume food and beverages only in the cafeteria. Students will be responsible for cleaning the table at which they sit. If there is food left on the table, the last student to leave the table is responsible for cleaning the entire table.
  5. Students are to use proper, acceptable language at all times.
  6. Students must report to a teacher's detention or to office detention. (Students are given a 24-hour notice. Teachers' detention takes precedence. Any questions see an assistant principal.)
  7. Students are to report to school and classes on time.
  8. Students are to cooperate and be respectful of all staff regardless of their position in the school.
  9. Students are to respect the rights of their fellow students.
  10. Students are to respect the school's and fellow students' property.
  11. Students are not to consume or have in their possession alcohol or drugs during the school day or at any school-sponsored event.
  12. Students are to cooperate during all classes and transition times. Students are to be academically productive during all classes.
  13. Students are to have a pass to a specific place with the accurate time and signature of an authorized school personnel member whenever they are out of a classroom.
  14. Students are to identify themselves to any authorized school personnel when requested.
  15. Students will conduct relationships in good taste. (Holding hands may be tolerated, but other forms of familiarity are not allowed.)
  16. Students are not to use graffiti, inside or outside the building or on school property.
  17. Students are not to bring magic markers to school.
  18. Students are not to bring playing cards, games, balloons, cakes, radios, laser pointers, MP3 players,
    IPods, earphones, or any electronic devices to school.
  19. Students are to stay away from unauthorized areas during school day (ex Smead Arena, teacher's
    parking lot, Blunt Park, railroad tracks, playing fields, and around the building etc.) Students are not allowed to leave the property to go to the store or out to their cars during school hours.
  20. Students will not use the teachers' parking lot. There is no provision for student parking at Central High School. Students who park at Smead Arena do so at their own risk. Smead Arena does not belong to Central High School. Student must park in authorized areas only. You must adhere to the rules of Smead Arena, e.g., no litter, parking only in authorized areas, etc. Smead Arena will tow cars that are not parked in designated areas.
  21. Students are advised not to enter Blunt Park at any time during the day. This is for the safety of the
  22. Students will leave school grounds after 2:20 p.m. unless participating in school-sponsored activities. Students loitering will be asked to exit the building immediately; failure to cooperate will result disciplinary actions as determined by their assistant principal.
  23. Students may use the library by reservation only during activity periods. Passes from teachers cannot be accepted.
  24. Students are not to open any outside door at Springfield Central High School under penalty of suspension. (Individuals coming to the school on business must use the main entrance and ring the bell. All visitors must check in at the main office.)
  25. Tardiness: A student who arrives at school after 7:35 a.m. must report immediately to the tardy line for A pass for admission to class. Failure to do so may result in suspension. Classes begin at 7:49 a.m. Students may not go to their locker or see any staff member without officially signing into school.
  26. Students who are found to have been off campus anytime during the school day will be suspended
    (internally or externally) a minimum of 5 days. At no time during the day are students allowed to leave the property without written permission from parent/guardian.
  27. Students are not to trespass on the railroad tracks.The following are criminal violations: Walking or standing on tracks, loitering, riding on other than passenger section of a train, malicious damage to railroad trestles, obstruction of a passing train, willful stopping of a train, tampering with tools or appliances (on a train), littering (railroad stations and platforms), loitering, entering railroad cars in the nighttime, throwing or shooting projectiles, fare evasion, and damage to signals, tracks, car, etc.
  28. All work submitted to the teacher must be generated by the student. Plagiarism is not acceptable and will result in loss of grade and disciplinary action.
  29. No student ID should be altered in any form. Students who do alter their ID's must purchase another ID in the office.
  30. Students must wear their own SCHS ID above the waist and on a lanyard. The ID must be visible at all times. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.
  31. Students who do not bring their ID to school must purchase a temporary ID for $1 before being allowed into the building. Students who owe money for temporary ID's will not be allowed at attend any
    Central High school after school functions until their debt is cleared. Students who owe more than $10 will go to In-House immediately upon entering the building until his/her administrator calls the
    parent/guardian and deals with the situation. (Disciplinary action may be issues and student may be subject to a $5.00 replacement I.D. fee.)
  32. Students must be in FULL COMPLIANCE with the uniform policy at all times during the school day.
    Additionally, students who come into the building NOT in 100% compliance with the uniform policy
    will go straight to In House until his/her administrator handles the situation. Furthermore, any student not in 100% compliance with the uniform policy during the school day will be subjected to disciplinary action up to and including external suspension.

Springfield Central High School is not responsible for confiscated or stolen items. Including but not limited to: Electronic Devices (iPods, iPhones, Cell Phones, etc.) and uniform violations (hats, sweatshirts, jackets, fleeces, etc.) The student is responsible to be in compliance of all school rules. Additionally, students are advised to secure all personal and school issued items with a proper lock. Items which are missing, whether stolen, left unattended or improperly secured, will not be investigated.

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