SCHS Student Handbook


A student must have a pass in order to leave a classroom. Passes will be given only on an emergency basis during class time. Students must be wearing their ID to obtain a pass. Students in the corridors while classes are in session must have a pass. A pass must be written in ink, be dated, have a statement or purpose of destination, and be signed by Teacher/Administrator/Counselor. Students who go to the bathroom must show their school IDs to the staff on duty at the bathroom and must have their passes countersigned by the staff on duty. Any student who obtains a pass to leave a class/activity period must get that pass countersigned and must return it to the teacher before 1:30 p.m. on the same day.

Passes will not be permitted during the FIRST TEN MINUTES and the LAST TEN MINUTES of class time. Any student who abuses the pass privilege will lose it.

Bus Passes

Students who reside more than a two-mile radius from school are eligible to ride chartered buses. If this bus service is the legitimate cause of lateness to school, it is the student's responsibility to notify staff in the Main Office in order to keep accurate attendance record. Additional information concerning bus passes may be obtained in the Main Office.


There are NO PROVISIONS for student parking at Springfield Central High School. Off-campus parking is done at students' own risk. Students are not to congregate where cars are parked before, during, or after school. Any student's car found in the teachers' parking lot will be towed at the owner's expense.

Bicycles/Bicycle Rack

Students bring bicycles to school at their own risk. The city is not insured; therefore students' bicycles are their personal responsibilities.

Office Telephones - Emergency Only (3 Minute Limit)

Due to the large enrollment at our school, we are only able to take messages from parents for emergencies. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Classroom Telephones

The use of any classroom telephone by any student is prohibited during classes. Any student with a legitimate need to use a phone should obtain a pass to see his/her Assistant Principal.

Cell Phone Use

All electronic devices must be turned off and out of sight during the academic school day. The School Committee bans cell phones and all other electronic devices, i.e. iPods, etc., during school hours effective, May 21, 2007. The first violation will result in confiscation of the device to be returned at the end of the day or before school on the following day to a parent or guardian. The second violation will result in permanent confiscation of the device and suspension of 3 days.\

School Boundaries

Students may not leave the MAIN BUILDING at any time during the academic school day without permission or supervision by authorized school personnel. During lunch time, Bay Street side of Springfield Central High School, the sides of the building, the teachers' parking lot, the theater area, and the main wing are off limits to students. Students who leave the main building will receive disciplinary actions determined his/hers Assistant Principal.

Field Trips

All students must remember that when they are on field trips or performing outside of the building, they are representing Springfield Central High School and all school rules apply. Students are expected to wear school uniform unless otherwise stated by Administration.

Fire Drills

Directions for a Fire Drill Procedure are posted in all classrooms and should be studied.

Signal - An intermittent buzzing of the alarm bell.

Procedure - Students must pay attention to the teacher in charge, follow all directions, and refrain from talking while evacuating the building, and while returning to classes.


If there is an assembly, students will be seated in the area designated for their homeroom. Homeroom teachers will escort and stay with their room for the assembly period.

Moment of Silence/Pledge of Allegiance

The Springfield School Committee has requested that each of the 41 schools in the city begin each day with The Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence. This is a State Law.

School Store

The School Store is located in Cafeteria #2. All types of school supplies, such as pens, pencils, notebooks as well as sweatshirts, tee-shirts, etc., may be purchased there during our lunch period. Store hours to be announced.

Lockers & Locks

For purposes of security, standardization, and safety, only locks purchased at Springfield Central High School may be placed on lockers. Lockers in need of repair should be reported to the appropriate grade Assistant Principal. Security of lockers and their contents is the sole responsibility of the student. Students are not to share their lockers with other students. Students are reminded that a school-approved lock must be on the locker at all times. The custodians have been instructed to put a new lock on any locker without one. If you need an extra lock for your gym locker, locks are available for $6.00 in the Main Office. Students are expected to remove all belongings from their lockers at the end of the year. It is highly recommended that all students purchase a combination lock for a gym locker. Students will have the ability to lock their belongings in a gym locker during their gym class. Central High School is not responsible for things taken from lockers.


School lockers, desks, computers, etc. are the property of the City of Springfield School Department. Students should not place any personal belongings that they do not want examined by school personnel in lockers or desks. Students can expect the ongoing use of locker searches, computer searches, desk search, x-ray machines, metal detectors, backpack searches and other means of surveillance to ensure the safety of staff and students. Students are expected to cooperate with authorities during such searches; failure to cooperate is grounds for suspension.

The School Department reserves the right to monitor or review all information contained on computers made available by the School Department. Strip searches are prohibited, except in conformity with probable cause standards and after prior approval of the Superintendent or designee. In addition, the City Solicitor or designee shall be advised of said action in advance of approval by the Superintendent or designee.

Lost & Found

All articles of lost clothing should be brought to the Main Office or Custodial Office. Any other articles such as books, glasses, keys, jewelry, etc. should be turned into the Main Office, Room 101.

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