SCHS Student Handbook

Code of Academic Responsibility

Springfield Central High School is chiefly an academic high school. Students who elect to attend this school should do so with certain expectations, including a willingness to accept their responsibilities as students. Students at Springfield Central High School should realize that their academic success is their primary responsibility. Therefore, extracurricular activities, such as athletics, clubs, and employment, are secondary, and should only be attempted when academic responsibilities are being met successfully.

Preparedness: Each student should come to school and to each class every day in uniform with appropriate writing implements, textbooks, a notebook and assignment pad, due assignments, good manners, and the willingness to learn the material or skills being presented.

Homework: Every student should accept that homework is an integral part of the learning process, meant to reinforce the material presented in class each day or to prepare the student to participate in upcoming class activities. Homework may be written assignments, reading assignments, or study assignments. Written homework should be done regularly, carefully, completely, and neatly, with the heading as instructed by the subject teacher, on standard-size paper, in dark blue or black ink, or typed. Homework must be presented in class the day it is due. In the case of absence, it is the student's responsibility to obtain the assignment and submit it in a timely fashion. Each student should realize the daily homework is the key to academic success or failure.

Students are expected to engage in a minimum of one hour's outside work for every academic period. When a student, parent or guardian anticipates an extended absence, the student's counselor should be contacted to secure homework, books, etc. At least 24 hours will be needed to meet this request. Counselors may be reached at Springfield Central High School (787-7453). Completed make-up work is expected to be passed in to the appropriate Faculty Member within two-weeks of the student's return to school and or upon an agreed arrangement between faculty, counselor and parent.

Tests and Quizzes: If a student is absent for a test or a quiz, it is the student's responsibility to be prepared to make up the test or quiz upon his or her return to class, within the time limit established by the teacher. If the work is not made up, the grade is a zero.

Essays, Term Papers, and Long-Term Projects: When due dates have been established, the student must turn in this type of assignment on time or face the loss of credit. Absence or tardiness on the due date is not an excuse for the assignment(s) not being submitted on that day.

Plagiarism, Academic Dishonesty and Letters of Expectation

Each teacher passes out a letter of expectation for their course. Please make sure you and your parents/guardian understand the expectations for their particular course. Parents should sign the letter of expectation for each course and the student should return these to the appropriate teacher.

Plagiarism is "the unauthorized use of the language and thoughts (in whole or in part) of another and the representation of them as ones' own." Given the strong academic atmosphere of Springfield Central High School, students who plagiarize, in whole or in part, will receive a zero for the assignment and will receive a mandatory 5 day In House suspension. Teacher discretion will be considered in making-up the assignment.

Academic dishonesty is any type of academic misconduct or form of cheating that occurs during a formal academic assignment. The same disciplinary actions for plagiarism will be applied for any and all forms of academic dishonesty.

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