Special Education Department

Central High School’s Special Education Department serves students who have IEPs (Individualized Education Programs). Employing data-driven methodology and a caring, patient approach, faculty and staff of this department work each day to help students meet or exceed their IEP and personal goals. You’ll find the same high expectations in our department as you find throughout Central High School, simply with the needed supports and practices to help students succeed.

The Special Education Department is broken down into programs designed to fit the unique needs of our students. The programs range from basic supports to intense therapy and include: Language Learning Disabled (LLD), LINKS (Autism/Asperger’s), Life Skills, Developmental, Student Support – Inclusion, Student Support – Pull-Out, and Social Emotional Behavioral Support (SEBS). Students are placed in these programs based on their IEPs and their teams’ visions. Programs are supported by autism specialists, speech pathologists, reading specialists, occupational and physical therapists, behavior specialists, and others who consult with teachers and provide IEP services to students as required.

Throughout the school year, annual reviews, three-year-reviews, and IEP team meetings are conducted to ensure compliance with special education law and the most up-to-date data to inform placement and instruction. Central special education teachers pride themselves on developing good relationships with parents and guardians to ensure that communication between school and home is established and maintained. Most employ email as a means of communication so that parents may stay informed in a way that is convenient to their schedules.

Additionally, during MCAS testing, special education faculty and staff are assigned to administer the test with required accommodations in small group settings, thus ensuring a more level playing field for standardized test-takers.

Finally, in addition to being held to the same high standards as any other Central High School student, those with IEPs are encouraged to take part in every aspect of high school life: sports, clubs, elective classes, music, drama, and art, as well as after-school events. Regardless of ability or challenge, labels are pushed aside and all Central High School graduates hold their heads high knowing they worked hard, produced their best work, and are ready for what comes next.

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