Special Education Department

Offered Courses

Language Learning Disabled (LLD) Program

This program is for students who have been diagnosed with a language learning disability, such as Dyslexia. Like all learning disabilities, Language Based Learning Disabilities result from a combination of neurobiological and environmental factors. Some students experience minor interferences that may be addressed in class, but students who are placed in the LLD program require specialized, individualized attention throughout the school day in order to develop fluent language skills. The LLD Program at Central High School uses proven techniques and curriculum accommodations to help students learn and develop their own ways to overcome their challenges.

LINKS (Autism/Asperger's) Program

The LINKS program is designed for students with autism spectrum disorders. It serves both as a homeroom for high-functioning students requiring some social/emotional supports, and as a substantially separate classroom for those requiring a fully modified curriculum and environment. To encourage social growth with their typical peers, and develop vocational skills, students in the LINKS program run a monthly café and collect the school’s classroom paper recycling each day. Outings also are conducted throughout the year – especially with the school’s chapter of Autism Speaks – to give LINKS students opportunities to participate in high school social and extracurricular events.

Life Skills Program

Moderate to Severe Disabilities, these students show limitations in communication, social skills, and taking care of him or herself. This class has many different skill areas that are addressed such as: social interactions, domestic skills, pre-vocational and vocational skills, as well as daily living skills.

Developmental Program

This program is designed for students with developmental disabilities and focuses on developing life skills, increasing communication, auditory and fine/gross motor skills. There also is focus on using technology such as iPads, Smart Boards, and interactive communication devices to help them attain goals.

Student Support-Inclusion

This program is designed for students with IEPs who need some instructional support and interventions to meet their academic goals.

Student Support-Pull Out

This program is designed for students with IEPs who need small group instruction and a variety of instructional supports and interventions to meet their academic goals.

Social Emotional Behavior Support (SEBS) Program

This program is designed to support the needs of students with emotional and behavioral disabilities.

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