Junior ROTC

Required Courses

Aerospace Science I
Grade: 9/10 (11 by interview with Senior Instructor) (1 credit)

Introductory Aerospace Science and Leadership Education provides an initial exploration of aerospace programs and leadership techniques, including familiarization with aircraft and spacecraft, plus an orientation to the U.S. Air Force, its customs and courtesies. Course topics include history of flight, the aerospace community and military aerospace vehicles. Leadership topics will include introduction to cadet and military ranks, basic training in Drill and Ceremonies, proper wearing of the uniform, history of military uniforms, introduction to military discipline, history of aviation and the military services, and learning to work as a team. We also teach personal behavior, personal responsibility, the flag of the United States, and citizenship.

Aerospace Science II
Grade: 10/11 (1 credit)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Aerospace Science I

This course examines selected areas of aeronautics, the components of aerospace power, and developing leadership abilities as a cadet NCO. The course topics include theory of flight, aircraft propulsion system, air navigation, civil aviation facilities and military aircraft systems. Leadership topics will include fundamentals of leadership, communication, discipline, planning Drill and Ceremonies, cadet NCO responsibilities, briefing techniques, military law, and management techniques, understanding individual behavior and understanding group behavior.

Aerospace Science III
Grade: 11/12 (1 credit)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Aerospace Science II and instructor's recommendation.

Curriculum includes Space Exploration, National Defense Structure, and Fundamental/Advance Leadership. The course topics include lunar/planetary exploration, guidance and control of space vehicles, and development of the military services, basic flight techniques, instrumentation and manipulation of aircraft controls. Leadership Education includes instruction in resumes writing and job interviews and financial management. Graduating cadets are prepared to compete actively for selection to a service academy or ROTC scholarships, offered by civilian colleges and universities. Leadership topics will include cadet officer level training in Drill and Ceremonies, communication, briefing, planning, chairing meetings, writing reports, military law, and supervision and managing personnel.

Aerospace Science IV (Honors)
Grade 12 (1 credit)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Aerospace Science III and senior instructor's approval.

This honors course includes leadership topics on training subordinates, assisting the Aerospace Science Instructors, teaching Drill and Ceremonies, planning unit ceremonies and managing the cadet corps.

FAA Private Pilot Ground School (Honors)
(1 credit)

Prerequisite: High academic standing in both AS I and II with senior instructor's approval. Strong background in math and science is also required.

This course prepares top aerospace science students to pass the FAA private pilot written examination, which is a prerequisite for earning a private pilot's license. Additionally, students may receive up to three flight-training hours of instructions.


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