Counseling Department

Faculty & Staff

All students are assigned a counselor according to their last name. To contact a counselor please call 413-787-7453. The breakdown is as follows:

Grades 9-11: A-Colk
Grade 12: C-D

Melinda Balut

Grades 9-11: Coll-Ga
Grade 12: E-I

Sara Turrini

Grades 9-11: Ge-Lop
Grade 12: J-Mc

Indira DeJesus

Grades 9-11: Loq-Ot
Grade 12: Me-Q

Melissa Gall

Grades 9-11: Ov-Rol
Grade 12: A-B

Athena Tapases

Grades 9-11: Rom-Te
Grade 12: R-Sk

Laura Stebbins

Grades 9-11: Th-Z
Grade 12: Sl-Z

John Szymczyk


Graduation Coaches & Adjustment Counselor

Adjustment Counselor
Velada Chaires

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