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The City of Springfield School Committee revised the Pupil Progression Plan (PPP) for the Springfield Public Schools. The graduation requirements for Springfield Central High School have changed.

Students of Classes 2013 and beyond must meet the new graduation requirements outlined in the table below. Additionally, in order to receive a diploma, students are required to pass the state-mandated MCAS ELA, Mathematics and Science exams. Scores of 220 are needed on each exam, respectively.

As mandated by the SPS Pupil Progression Plan (PPP):

Graduation Requirements

Department/Discipline Credits
English 4.0

(first three credits are required courses)

(first two credits are required courses)
Social Studies/Social Science
(three credits are required courses)
Foreign Languages
(two consecutive years of same language required, three years is encouraged)
Physical Education 2.0
Visual or Performing Arts 1.0
Health 0.5
Electives 5.0
Total 24.5
*All students must schedule seven credits each year, over four years, for a total of 28 credits.

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