Clubs & Activities

Join a club now to use your time well, have fun, make friends and build your resume. This page provides a listing of the clubs that currently exist at Springfield Central High School. Many clubs meet each morning as a homeroom. If you find a club you wish to join, first seek approval from the club advisor(s) to join. After a discussion with the advisor(s), you may see the Guidance secretary to have your homeroom switched to the club homeroom. During activity periods, which will occur almost every month, you will meet with the club in the same room to participate in activities. Also, see the Athletics page to find team coaches.

Club Advisor(s) Homeroom/Activity Period
Above and Beyond Mr. Scott 310
Adventure Ms. Welz 215
Aerie Magazine Mr. Fialho 227
Anime & Manga Mr. Cusack 304
Autism Speaks Ms. Milbier & Ms. S. Ryan 123
"As Schools Match Wits" Team Ms. Montagna 238
Band Color Guard Ms. Fumasoli 141
Baystate Springfield Educational Partnership (BSEP) Mr. Spina 309
Book Ms. Rowland 230
Cinema Ms. Grygorcewicz 221
Computers/Network Mr. Tilley 332
Cultural Ms. Carney 109
Dance Team Ms. Fumasoli Theater
Debate Team    
"Don't Be Afraid to Talk" (Anti-Bullying) Ms. Bishop 243
Drama Mr. Cremonini Library
Engineering Mr. Vangel 118
Envirothon Team Ms. Volain 318
Fitness Ms. Stone 235
Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Mr. McCutchen 223
Gear Up/Talent Search Ms. Marvel 312
Illustration Ms. Chisholm 115
Junior Achievement Mr. Cunnigham 115
Key Club Mr. Newell 127B
Madrigal Singers Ms. Parks 140
Mass Mutual Academic Achievers Mr. Cunningham 205
Mathletes Ms. Duong/Mr. Scott 310
Mentor Program (SPS School Volunteers) Ms. Chaires Library
Mexico Service Trip Mr. McCarthy Guidance
Model UN Ms. Fontaine/Mr. Snow 225
Morning Show Mr. Adamopoulos 138
Mural Mr. Rubeck 112
National Band Honor Society (NBHS) Mr. Dandurand 141
National Mathematics Honor Society (NMHS) Ms. Duong 327
National History Day Ms. Slozak/Mr. Boisseau 219
National History Honor Society (NHHS) Mr. Rice 216
National Honor Society (NHS) Ms. Hedberg 240
Newspaper/Journalism Ms. Gilhooly 231
Poetry Ms. Shea 223
ROTC Col. Cleland 105
Skate Mr. Copen 302
Ski & Snowboard Mr. Copen 302
STEM Mr. Cusack 304
Student Government Ms. Goncalves/ Mr. Lugo 228
Table Tennis Dr. Chang 2nd Floor Hall
Upward Bound NMH Ms. Roman email
Yearbook Ms. Montagna/Ms. Raschilla 238
Young Life Ms. G. Ryan 335

Students: To participate in an activity, you must have permission from the advisor(s). Most advisors can be contacted at their location any morning between 7:20am-7:35am. You must present a pass from the advisor to your homeroom teacher at the beginning of Activity Period. You may have your homeroom switched to an activity homeroom through the Guidance Department.

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