Springfield Central High School began teaming ninth grade students for the 2006-2007 academic year. Teams of teachers meet several times a week, during the school day, to discuss how they can help their common group of students achieve academically. The following principles and practices help guide teaming at SCHS:

SCHS Teaming covers almost all grade nine students. The table below identifies the current teams for 2013-2014.
Note: The Team Facilitator may be contacted directly for progress monitoring or to arrange conferences, via email (see table below) or phone at 787-7085. Bold denotes Team Facilitator.

2013-2014 Ninth Grade

Team Subject Teacher
Team One English Mr. Northrup
History Ms. Sherry
Math Mr. Tarallo
Science Email
Special Education Ms. Clark
Team Two English Mr. Butler
History Mr. Snow
Math Dr. Quinteros
Science Ms. Ghidoni
Team Three English Ms. Glaspie
History Mr. Lenshyn
Math Mr. Scott
Science Ms. Ryan
Special Education Email
Team Four English Ms. Bettencourt
History Mr. Kavanaugh
Math Mr. Murray
Science Mr. Brunette
Special Education Email

English Language Learners (ELL)

Team Teacher
ELL Team Ms. Carney
Mr. Lugo
Ms. Marvel
Mr. Ayala
Ms. Robinson
Ms. Feliciano

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