Advanced Placement

AP/Pre-AP Initiative

The goal of Springfield Central High School's AP initiative is to use AP courses to raise the achievement of all students. Given the state mandate that all students pass the ELA and Mathematics MCAS with a proficient score of 240, and a Science MCAS with a 220, we must determine the best way to change students' self-perceptions of their academic capacity. To do so, we must change the entire school culture. We anticipate that by increasing student participation in AP courses and increasing their earned scores on AP exams, more students will aspire to college and possess the skills and knowledge to sustain themselves in college once they are there.


What AP Courses are Right for You?

See what former students have to say about AP US History ("APUSH")!

AP/Pre-AP Courses and Summer Assignments

Summer assignments can be obtained from the respective AP instructors. The assignments will also be provided in the SCHS Main Office during the summer. This listing is not offered online at this time. Thank you for your patience.



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