Address: 1840 Roosevelt Avenue, Springfield, MA 01109
Main Office Phone: (413) 787-7085
Main Office Fax: (413) 787-7040
Guidance Fax: (413) 750-2317

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With an enrollment of over 2,000 students, Springfield Central High School, built in 1986, is the largest high school in Western Massachusetts. Our curriculum is rich with course offerings that will prepare our students to enter college or the work force with the necessary skills to make them competitive. Central's theme as a high school of the performing arts brings with it research-based data that supports students taking art, music and dance courses to enhance their comprehensive education. The high-quality education offered at Central includes Honors and Advanced Placement courses across a broad spectrum of disciplines. In conjunction with the rigorous and comprehensive education that Central provides, the excellent counseling staff creates numerous opportunities for students to visit area colleges, and career development courses allow students to examine the world of work and participate in internships with area businesses.

Central's philosophy and culture of inclusiveness allows students to learn from young people who are different from them in a caring and nurturing environment. Central High School's staff believes in the vision of teaching all students with special needs in the least restrictive environment.

We hope you explore our website to find out more about Central High School. If you are a parent of a Central High School student, we ask that you continue to stay involved with your child's education. Please attend Parent Information Night, Open House, Parent-Teacher Conferences, athletic events, art shows, plays, concerts and AFJROTC competitions. The students appreciate your presence.

If you would like to become involved in SCHS's Parent Teacher Organization, please call 787-7085. A PTO representative will contact you about meetings. PTO meetings dates can be found on our school calendar. You are always welcome!

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