Mr. Thaddeus S. Tokarz

Mr. Thaddeus S. Tokarz, Principal

Location: Main Office (x2104)

Responsibilities: All school programs and initiatives. Subject: English


Dr. Kolajo Afolabi, Assistant Principal

Location: Rm. 201 (x2201)

Responsibilities: Grade 10, Professional Development, PSATs, Junior Achievement. Subjects: Mathematics, Foreign Language


Mr. Kevin Lalime, Assistant Principal

Location: Rm. 121 (x2121)

Responsibilities: Grade 12, Special Education, Paraprofessionals, NEASC Coordinator. Subjects: Special Education, Paraprofessionals


Mr. Luis Martinez, Assistant Principal

Location: Rm. 331 (x2331)

Responsibilities: Grade 9, MCAS Coordinator. Subjects: Social Studies, English Language Learners (ELL)


Ms. Sara Walsh, Assistant Principal

Location: Main Office (x2105)

Responsibilities: Scheduling, Advanced Placement/MMSI Coordinator, School Improvement Plan (SIP), SEBS. Subjects: Science, Guidance


Mr. Keith Worthy, Assistant Principal

Location: Rm. 301 (x2301)

Responsibilities: Grade 11, Athletics, Safety & Security, Life Skills.Subjects: ROTC, Technology, Physical Education, Fine Arts

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